Estonia launches visa for digital nomads

The Ministry of Interior Affairs of Estonia has drafted amendments to the Aliens Act, which amend the rules for working with foreigners in Estonia more flexible. It is also planned to create a new type of visa - a digital nomad visa.

The new amendment would allow working in Estonia for people whose work is web-based and does not depend on where they are currently located. Digital nomad can be, for example, a person who works in Estonia as a programmer for a company in the United States. As he only needs a computer and an internet connection for his work, it does not matter what country he is in during his working hours. The current regulation of working migration does not take into account the possibility of location-independent jobs, as employees must have an Estonian employer to come to work in Estonia. Digital nomads are people with a mobile lifestyle who mostly operate in the IT sector, finance or marketing. They bring added value to the country by consuming goods and services here and have a positive impact on local business with their knowledge and business contacts. At the same time, choosing the right place of residence allows them to contribute to the Estonian economy through taxes.

In addition, it is planned to solve the bottlenecks that have emerged in practice and make the rules for working abroad more flexible in Estonia. The changes would allow foreigners to work simultaneously with several employers at the same time and switch the employer without applying for a new residence permit.

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