Belgian, Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian residents can found and operate Estonian companies remotely and electronically

Estonian Business Register’s Company Registration Portal is one of a few information systems in Europe that recognises the ID-cards of different countries.  Holders of Belgian, Finnish and Latvian ID-cards and Lithuanian Mobile-ID have the possibility to use their country’s ID-card to access the Estonian Company Registration Portal, sign company incorporation documents and annual reports electronically and transmit them electronically to the Estonian Business Register. Company can be electronically registered in the Business Register if all persons related to the company (Board Members, founders, Council Members, etc.) have an Estonian, Latvian, Belgian, Finnish ID card; Estonian or Lithuanian mobile ID or Estonian e-Residency card.

Starting a business in Estonia is simple. A person who is Latvian citizen and owns Latvian ID card can go to the Estonian Business Register’s Company Registration Portal and start registering an Estonian company. The site is also in English and easy to use.

The Company Registration Portal enables to register private limited company, sole proprietor, limited partnership, general partnership and non-profit associations online. The most popular type is private limited company.

Submission of registration application in Company Registration Portal consists of five steps: preparation, signing, payment of share capital and state fee, and submission. Share capital and state fee can be paid through portal during submission of application. Estonian private limited company can also be registered without paying the share capital if the founders of the company are natural persons.

Advantages of the Estonian private limited company: 

•             Retained profits are not taxed, and distributed dividends are only taxed 20%

•             The possibility of getting an intra-community tax identification number

•             Business bank accounts for location independent small enterprises with good services are easy to open

•             Limited responsibility with reduced or null contributions (€2,500 responsibility)

•             Good reputation within the EU

•             Simple administration

•             Reduced creation and maintenance costs 

Estonian private limited company is an advantageous choice: 

•             For investments in the long-run

•             For invoicing services including consulting

•             For simple import-export businesses

•             For anyone that needs an intra-community tax identification number

•             As a subsidiary or tertiary for simple businesses that need a company with a good reputation

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