Becoming global is a small step for an entrepreneur today. In order to be also formally accepted, your business should be registered in an acknowledged jurisdiction following the global business rules and standards. With its favorable and transparent tax system, including 0% of corporate income tax, Estonia is one of the most advantageous locations to start your business, manage investments or accumulate profits.   

CdM Corporate Services provides you with corporate tools to access global markets with minimum effort and cost

Why Estonia?
  • Low incorporation and administration costs
  • No corporate income tax on companies' profits
  • No maintenance costs 
  • Easy and transparent remote administration of companies  
  • EU common market and eurozone
  • Low administrative burden and no restricting/protective thresholds to start a business
CdM Corporate Services is a team of professional lawyers having a long-term experience in corporate, tax and contract law. We provide all corporate services needed to establish and run your business, keeping administrative burden low and optimized according to the type of your business.

CdM Corporate Services is a subsidiary of Consloato del Mare, a  law firm specialized mostly on shipping and maritime law. For more details see